our story

Lu Tang Lai Architects Ltd. originated in 1983 when its current director, Mr. Stephen W. K. Lu established the firm of Lu’s Design Studio. Although the firm started as a small owner-managed studio with resources catering for small design projects, it steadily gained the confidence of its clients through the provision of personalized quality services.

Mr. Rembert S. K. Lai joined the practice and became partner in 1986. His involvement, combined with the trust and support of the clients, enhanced the firm’s capacity which strengthened the foundation for further development.

It was with a view to expanding the firm’s resources and broadening the scope of services for the fulfillment of the increasing clientele, that the firm merged with Joseph Tang Architects in 1990 and assumed its present name of Lu Tang Lai Architects Ltd.

Realizing the rapid economic transformation and growth of China in the last decades of the twentieth century, Lu Tang Lai Architects Ltd. sought to contribute the development and redevelopment in China by actively participating in building and environmental design projects on the Mainland as early as the mid eighties, focusing in Shanghai in the early nineties. Mr. Kwok Ka Fai, now a director, joined the practice in 1996. Mr. Kwok has accumulated valuable Shanghai experience throughout the nineties in handling large scale office and commercial projects. To increase competitiveness through localization, the Shanghai office was put into operation in 2002 and headed by the director, Ms. Christine Y.Y. Cho.

Over the years, the practice maintains a steady growth in sizable architectural projects ranging from offices and commercial developments, hotels, service apartments, high-class residential developments, schools and institutional buildings to master planning in Hong Kong, Mainland China and S.E. Asia. Its reputation for providing personalized and quality services remains unchanged.


List of Directors

  • Tang Man Kit, Joseph
  • Lai Siu Kin, Rembert
  • Kwok Ka Fai
  • Cho Yuen Yee, Christine 
  • Wong Po Lung, John